25 to the finish line: finally, the raw material

In the last two weeks we have finally been able to put on his skis in the snow and fancied . In the absence of raw material in other places, we had to go into the territory of Graubünden ( Splügen ) and , there, grind the first few miles . After the many hours spent to train this summer, the expectation and desire were many , so that the mileage in this first release are more than enough !


The waxes

In the last post we showed you what are the wax seal , in this , however, we will try to explain one of the possibilities to increase the smoothness of the slopes: paraffins . They are actually a synthetic material similar to wax candles ( often in fact calls waxes ) that is hot applied on ski base , to then be removed at a later time , when the latter has cooled . Someone could ask : why put something that will then be removed later? The answer is very simple , in fact the ski base is composed of micropores , which absorb this paraffin , then what we remove is only the excess material , which is located outside of the pores and should be only to slow down the ski . In addition to these paraffins exist as well powders semi- magical Angle fluorine content , that allow the ski to achieve a smoothness even better , in this case however only over short distances ( 5 - 10km maximum) .
As for the wax seal even in the case of paraffin waxes and fluorinated choosing the winning combination is not based on scientific methods , but rather on personal feelings and above all the experience of the person preparing the skis , as the variety of material on the market is considerable.


                                            (Courtesy Toko)

Luca and Matteo and the first meeting

The first weekend of December , our first outing in the snow, there is also a group of penguins waiting to welcome us to splugen at -15 C. = )
In fact the first few meters have been somewhat ' traumatic : the buff that froze , my toes in an instant had turned white and his eyes big with tears hidden behind his glasses.
But this did not stop us : splugen waiting for us at a track of 14 km , well prepared despite the lack of snow , which we started to turn classic .
After 30 km in the pair , where the push was the background to the words that we exchanged Matt and I , he stopped , now that they were 12 and had planned to return to Lausanne, while I went for one last ride , completing the 42 km in less than 3 hours.
I think the combination of cold and fatigue I played a bad joke , especially on Monday when I had to go to bed by 9 , after I dragged the little strength I had left !
As a first release I was quite satisfied : the balance and still to be finalized , but the feelings and the desire to ski are more than positive !


Roby and the first feelings

With a week's delay of Luke and Matthew , I too have had the opportunity to put the skis in the Splügen . The training was provided 2h30 ' to classic in which I would have to reach at least 30km. I can say that what I was responsible has been reached , so as almost to touch the 35km . It was very nice to try those feelings that were missing now since last April ... but that effort ! The arms were eventually reduced to gruel , but the satisfaction and the desire to do well were stronger than ever. These first few hours of skiing left me a positiv impact , and the adaptation phase to get used to the new medium was incredibly fast, so much so that I immediately felt at ease and ready to push .
Now we are waiting impatiently for a big snowfall in Ticino, but in the meantime will take advantage to grind kilometers on the slopes of Zurich and the Swiss Romande .



Update on the organization

We decided that a team that respects must possess a tight team, so we too have a new race suit from the designs very beautiful =). In this connection we desire to thank Sarci Sports and Piaggi SA who helped to finance a part of this new piece of clothing . Here we show you a preview of a taste of the uniform !


See you

Luca, Matteo e Roberto