50 km all’arrivo: il racconto dell’estate

We're almost at the halfway point , the goal still seems far away, but it is closer than it seems . Over the finish line approaches , the more we are motivated and want to do well.

The heart rate monitor

For many years that’s an object that comes with us during our workouts : the heart rate monitor. You could wonder about it purpose, when a chronometer could be more than enough . Anyway we can tell you that it could be extremely useful and highly recommended. At a competitive level, it’s good to have one , in order to perform training as intense as you’ve planned. In our opinion, after accumulating a lot of experience with this, you can start to understand a little better your body to understand how hard you are working without any scientific confirmation. Anyway, it’ll take you a long time before you can train just following your feeling and, in our opinion, it’s hard to reach the same result, achieved with the use of a heart rate monitor .

Before starting the workout,  you need to know your parameters , otherwise it’s useless . In order to discover them, there are many tests .They are usually available by running on the athletics track , or by roller skiing on a large travelator.


Roby , triathlon and mountain

After the end of exams (August 27), I started training more regularly.  Once, I wanted to go out for a run of an hour,  but under the incitement of the landscape and the desire to recover a bit, it has been transformed into an uphill ( and downhill) of three hours , which ultimately left me a lot satisfied : the condition was still ok, but I also had a big pain in the legs caused by the descent .

Two days after this workout, I was on the starting line of the Triathlon in Locarno with my legs still very tired, but ready to suffer and do the best possible. The first part is 500 meters swimming , the second is 20- km biking and, at last, 5 km running . After a good start , where I managed to maintain a constant pace, I continued with a good speed cycling (my favourite part ), where I ended up with one of my best times . In the running part, I had more problems than expected , I knew  that it was the part in which I was less trained, but I expected to achieve a fair result anyway . Unfortunately the time was higher then the one I’d like to do, but I'm glad that this day made ​​me realize that some of the work has been done, but I’ve still to train a lot.



Luca, between walls and cliffs

Last month I was really on holiday : first in China, then in Ireland I completely change my habits, without forgetting the goals I have set for this winter.

I found myself running on the uneven steps of the Great Wall of China with 28 degrees. In fact, there were steep uphill pieces alternated with high stone steps at different levels ... it was a train much different from the usual ones, but I had great fun for the variety of the terrain and the wonders that you could see from up there!

Lately I’ve been to Ireland, but, there,  I proceeded with a more systematic training ... even though the weather was not always by my side...

A special workout was at the Cliffs of Moher, the highest sea cliffs in Europe. After short swim in the cooling waters of the Atlantic , I started running with two friends, with whom I was on holiday, from Doolin direction the Cliffs . The most interesting part was going uphill to the top of the cliffs : in fact from the beach where we started , within 8 km we have reached the highest point, 200m above the sea level, and along the way we appreciated how the coast elevated more and more ! Even in this case the Irish weather was part of the training : we started with the sun , we got to the Cliffs with rain and wind and then we returned to the country and found the sun again ... all in 1 hour and a half , of course !


Matteo, between Greece and America

Nearly three months , the duration of my summer holiday ...

After a week in the sun of the beautiful Kos with two friends of mine and a month in an internship in a pharmacy in August I was lucky enough to take a ride in America for the remaining three weeks.

During this summer I had the opportunity to "recharge my batteries" , traveling, learning about new cultures and obviously doing a lot of sport . For the first time in many years I preferred to train and move for pleasure without asking myself too many goals and I decided not to participate in a lot of races for runners that I used to attend. Assuming that I am very happy with my decision right now, I came back with the urge to compete and with the desire to fulfil our dream: the timing could not be better . The motivation grows: motivation that I need, because now the university has started again and the extra time is greatly reduced .

I really enjoyed the last training done in Ticino with the GS Molinera . That was the best way to this last period without snow, between uphill races and intense workouts.

I leave you with a couple of pictures of my trip to the American land, through California , Nevada, Utah and Arizona ... I didn’t forget cross-country ski even in the desert ... ;-)



See you

Luca, Roberto, Matteo

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