25 to the finish line: finally, the raw material

In the last two weeks we have finally been able to put on his skis in the snow and fancied . In the absence of raw material in other places, we had to go into the territory of Graubünden ( Splügen ) and , there, grind the first few miles . After the many hours spent to train this summer, the expectation and desire were many , so that the mileage in this first release are more than enough !


The waxes

30 km to the finish line: waiting for the snow in Ticino

This month we weren't able to make great workouts like those during the summer becouse the university has committed most of our time. But now, we are waiting the arrival of snow in Ticino, in order to start skiing this weekend and start the last training period.


Slow return to normality


For some time I haven't been giving updates....

The month of October had not a good start. After I trained well in the first days, I was very happy to leave for Oberhof, Germany, for a week of skiing. Unfortunately, the day before the departure, I had surgery to the sacrum. I had a cyst near the sacrum that was surgically removed.

After 10 days of enforced rest, I started to do some strenght training for arms and trunk with the ever-faithful Ercolina ☺


40 km to the finish line: let’s go with something serious

Distances become longer

In the past month you had no more info from the three of us, but that doesn’t mean that we were lying on the sofa all the time….on the contrary we spent a very training period!

50 km all’arrivo: il racconto dell’estate

We're almost at the halfway point , the goal still seems far away, but it is closer than it seems . Over the finish line approaches , the more we are motivated and want to do well.

The heart rate monitor