Slow return to normality


For some time I haven't been giving updates....

The month of October had not a good start. After I trained well in the first days, I was very happy to leave for Oberhof, Germany, for a week of skiing. Unfortunately, the day before the departure, I had surgery to the sacrum. I had a cyst near the sacrum that was surgically removed.

After 10 days of enforced rest, I started to do some strenght training for arms and trunk with the ever-faithful Ercolina ☺



For about a week, I have been skiing here in Davos, on a 1.3km track of artificial snow. While waiting for the "true" snow and my form, which is slowly coming back, I train on this loop of snow. For now I'm very happy with how the workouts are going on the snow.

Depending on how the training will be going in the next two weeks, I will decide whether to start the season as scheduled or delay it of a week or two, but I am very positive at the moment ☺.

See you soon!




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