20 km to the finish line: happy christmas from the 3 "Santas"

Finally a bit of snow has arrived, even though the tracks in Ticino and Swiss German are still suffering ...
Meanwhile, we enjoy these holidays that are coming , and for a few days , we can put aside the skis to devote to panettone !

In the meantime, we are analyzing the different slopes in Switzerland , to find the most suitable training camp for these holidays .

Luca between Campra and Realp

I was waiting for a spring weekend before Christmas : 3 to 5 degrees Campra and Realp . Skiing with these temperatures is a pleasure unless the snow is melting under you ski ... If nothing else Realp , with a track well prepared and with an inexplicably hard snow , I was able to ski Sunday afternoon until dark I had to stop just after 16.30 and on Monday morning when the sun had not yet risen !



Roby between german and romand Switzerland
The workouts are skiing now officially begun and I can say that we have already covered more than 100 kilometers for a total of 8-9 hours. The workouts are so very low intensity to try to train the resistance .
Last week I went to Einsiedeln where I have walked twenty miles on a sunny day. The feeling of skiing in these conditions has been fantastic , and despite the snow has not been a lot of the runs were prepared in a masterly way and ski on the snow it was a pleasure .
This week I have instead been able to accumulate hours in western Switzerland ( Bex ), where snow conditions were very limited , but a trail of 5 km was still present.
Now eagerly await the arrival of snow in Ticino to ski on the slopes familiar to us , after testing a bit ' all parts of Switzerland.




Matteo in Engadin

Finally the semester has ended and it was time to spend some ' time with the family and enjoy the beautiful Engadin cross-country trails . But here too :) Erm no tracks are really nasty to blow a little snow did not happen for years ... Now all hopes are for the announced heavy snowfall tomorrow , hope for a magical Christmas under a lot of snow :) For now resistance training panettone I do not do very well hehe but in the end it is better to have a little store ' energy for our 90 km :)

Finally the real purpose of this post is to wish a Merry Christmas to all of you loyal supporters , and thank you for reading our blog regularly , there is really very happy ! We'd also like to once again thank our sponsors .


Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays

Your three Santas: Luca, Matteo e Roberto.

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